Connecting financial institutions to consumers and their paychecks.

MOX automates financial products repayment directly from users´ payroll accounts. Financial companies can decrease missed payments, reduce default rates and better support the financial wellbeing of the community.

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Why do Clients Care?

Tech Cost Reduction

One integration rather than 50+ integrations.

Mass Coverage

Expand coverage regardless of payroll bank /employer relationship.

Frictionless Origination

"Plug and Play" API with automatic verification, retentions & repayments.

Automatic Repayments

Automate repayment to users´ paycheck. Paycheck-linked lenders experience 3x fewer defaults.

No Manual Input

Eliminate payslips and PDF forms with MOX´s user-permissioned income verification.

Lead Generation

Connect to our marketplace and receive pre-qualified leads for your financial products.